I make a lot of mistakes. In writing, in speech, and in life in general.

There’s a lot of bad grammar-hating sentiment on social media sites. It is popular to declare one’s pet peeve to be a particular error in grammar or spelling. Do I care if I get there/their/they’re right? Of course. But do I care if you do? Not really. I pretty much always understand from the context.

As a professional writer and editor, I certainly care about the details. As a reader, I am much more forgiving. Writing is about communication, which is simply a process in which one tries to understand as well as make oneself understood. If you are a business or a professional and have a certain image to maintain, it makes sense to hire a professional writer. You want to make sense and look good…like you know what you’re doing. If you are my Facebook friend, however, I judge you not. And if I should ever, in a sleep-deprived state, let a typo slip past me in my personal communications, I know my real friends will look the other way.